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Features of this project

Client: Swisslog GmbH
Location: Dortmund
Country: Germany
Industry: Logistic solutions
Project number: 151218
Total area: 180 m2


Sascha Dittert (Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution)

Swisslog, part of Kuka, realizes leading automation solutions for future-oriented hospitals, warehouses and distribution centers. Swisslog operates worldwide in more than twenty countries on four continents, has around 2,500 employees and has customers in more than fifty countries. The company, which has its headquarters in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland, is active in two areas: Healthcare Solutions (HCS) and Warehouse & Distribution Solutions (WDS).

"For the Warehouse & Distribution Solutions Germany department, Nolte Mezzanine has developed, produced and assembled very special steel platforms and landings. We are currently very focused on realizing "the warehouse of the future." This not only meets your requirements of today but adapts flexibly, to new possibilities. Furthermore, tailor-made service, reliability and maximum productivity are paramount " explains Sascha Dittert, Project Manager at Swisslog.

"Our customers choose us because we offer turnkey logistics solutions. We ensure the reduction at the start of both risk and complexity, the highest Return On Investment and sustainable benefits. Our intra-logistics solutions support enterprises by maximizing throughput with minimal cost to maintain a multitude of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) and fulfill delivery requirements with high accuracy." Dittert goes on to say, "I must say that Nolte Mezzanine has met our expectations!

In this project, it was very important to be flexible with the development of the Mezzanine floor. Every day something could change and then had to be passed on immediately. Because Nolte Mezzanine works with Business Information Modeling (BIM), optimal planning and execution was no problem at all. The digital Mezzanine model is in the current planning phase and enables informed decisions to be made for the project, based on a solid basis of information. Costly mistakes, such as overlaps between individual disciplines, then fortunately do not only appear on the construction site.

To Nolte Mezzanine I give full credit for development, production and assembly. On-site assembly was also good, fast and professional. I understand very well why Nolte Mezzanine is the leading manufacturer of Mezzanine floors in Europe" Dittert concludes. "Our customers expect the best result. We can deliver this and for this we need the right partners like Nolte Mezzanine."