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Specialised in mezzanine floors

Our mezzanine floors

Nolte Mezzanine is specialised in the production of mezzanine floors. The term Mezzanine floor has several names: intermediate floor, multi-storey floor or storey floor. In the past, this referred to a concrete floor that was laid according to a particular system. Standard parts such as concrete beams were often used. The rigid parts of the system floor provide the necessary reinforcement. System floors are also used in ICT environments. Originally, system floors were intended to hide cables and pipes from view and to maintain an easily walkable surface.

Definition of Mezzanine

In architecture, a Mezzanine floor is a self-supporting construction that is placed between two floors, for example, and is often used in a high space to create additional or supplementary floor space. Often, this Mezzanine floor does not cover the entire floor area of a building. Of course, it also occurs that it is enclosed by 4 walls/walls. It is important that the Mezzanine is accessible for use, the best solution is to add a staircase so that the additional floor is easily accessible.

Nolte's mezzanine floors

We design, produce, supply and install Mezzanine floors. We deliver all over Europe, so you may come across one of our floors in every corner. Whether in Southern Spain, Lithuania or Romania, Mezzanine is in demand everywhere. Naturally, we are close to home in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We produce in the Netherlands precisely because of our craftsmanship.

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About Nolte Mezzanine

Nolte Mezzanine designs, produces and assembles Mezzanine floors for the whole of Europe. Our products can be produced according to your wishes and are truly CE-marked.

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A mezzanine floor is the easiest way to create additional or more space indoors. Affordable extra square metres, without a major renovation or move.
You can easily dismantle or expand the Mezzanine floor; this does not change the power of the Nolte Mezzanine system. We supply Mezzanine floors in every size, shape and colour because we make each floor to your specifications. Your specifications are leading, so you don't have to make any concessions to dimensions, shapes, colours, weights or loads. You decide what your Mezzanine floor will look like.

Mezzanine floor as a construction kit

We can also supply the Mezzanine floor as a kit. Our floors can be compared to Meccano, the construction toy. A clear assembly manual is therefore included in order to be able to build the Mezzanine floor. If you wish, we can come and assemble your Mezzanine floor in person, and also take care of the transport.

Energy-saving floors from Nolte Mezzanine

Our Mezzanine floors are a flexible system. The load-bearing capacity can be as much as 3,500 kg per m2. Spans of up to 12 meters are possible. The unique cold-rolled profiles offer many technical possibilities:

  • HEXA holes for lighting/sprinkler installation without loss of height
  • Up to 43% less lighting required by using the reflected light
  • Up to 11% cost savings by using your construction as a cable channel
  • Up to 17% savings in damage costs by protecting lighting and sprinklers

Because we have many different profiles in our range, we can design the right Mezzanine floor for almost any application. Our range not only includes cold-rolled profiles with a hexagonal hole pattern. Other hole patterns are also possible, as well as closed cold-rolled profiles.

The advantage of the closed profiles is that they are cheaper (the holes are not punched) and as a rule a few percent stronger. Large floor loads and large spans cannot be achieved with cold-rolled profiles. That is why we also have hot-rolled profiles in our range. We always have a solution for you!

Suitable for every industry

Our Mezzanine floors can be used in every industry and sector. We adapt the specific functionality of your Mezzanine floor with technical and user accessories. You can find our Mezzanine floors in all kinds of industrial environments, such as warehouses, distribution centres, storage sheds and production environments. The chances are that you have walked on one of our floors or used one of our stairs in your daily life. Our floors and stairs can also be found in gyms, fitness centres, offices, shops and Self Storage locations.

Accessories for the Mezzanine floor

As mentioned, the Mezzanine floor is suitable for various industries. Therefore, it is also possible to purchase various accessories to make it complete. We supply various staircases that fit perfectly with a Mezzanine floor. And, of course, we must not forget the handrails for safety. Do you need to place pallets on the Mezzanine floor? Then take a look at the pallet storage spaces, because in this way you can easily place pallets in the warehouse or other location. At Nolte Mezzanine, your mezzanine floor can be delivered in the desired colour. What colour would you like? Then check out the RAL colours for your mezzanine floor.

Nolte Mezzanine: the right Mezzanine floor for every industry

We think along with you! We deliver custom work, because every situation is different. So you're not stuck with standard solutions at all. Together with you, we will always find a solution that fits your situation and budget. Do you want a Mezzanine floor that matches your house style? Of course, we supply it in all RAL colours. Also metallic colours or matt colours. If you would like different colours in your floor, we can arrange that for you too. Let us advise you. Want to enjoy your space more? Contact us via our contact form or call +31(0)229 - 304040. We hope to hear from you as soon as possible so that we can help you find the right Mezzanine floor and accessories.

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