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Nolte Mezzanine

Nolte Mezzanine specializes in designing, manufacturing, and assembling mezzanine floors and steel structures. Additionally, Nolte is a specialist in cold and hot rolled steel profiles. Over the past years, Nolte has evolved from a trading company into an innovative firm with a growing number of business relationships both nationally and internationally. Originating from the idea of producing from the customer's perspective, Nolte has been creating steel structures for many years. Nolte has its own professional R&D department, where we enjoy taking an extra step for our customers. Brainstorming, finding solutions, being creative, thinking about innovation, and offering collaborative input are all part of what Nolte does.

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Wat does Nolte do?

Nolte Mezzanine, located in De Goorn (The Netherlands), specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing mezzanine floors throughout Europe. A mezzanine floor offers the opportunity to optimize your space without the concerns and costs of renovation or relocation. This not only saves space but also effort and expenses!

Over the years, Nolte has installed many different types of floors across Europe through the use of a dealer network. Creating a mezzanine floor is not a simple process. Therefore, our experts consult closely with the customer regarding their wishes and needs. This ensures that Nolte customizes the mezzanine floor to perfectly meet the specific requirements of each customer.

The benefits of a mezzanine floor from Nolte Mezzanine

  1. The product is completely customized to your preferences. The entire process also takes place under one roof: from R&D to manufacturing and assembly.
  2. Fully CE certified: in accordance with EN-1090-1 and delivered with a CE certificate.
  3. The mezzanine floor is modular: expand it as needed and within your financial capacity.
  4. We make the floor as strong as you desire.
  5. Your building structure is not burdened by the freestanding construction.
  6. Rapid construction: your floor area doubles within 6 weeks.
  7. Easy expansion and relocation possible: the entire floor is demountable.

What does Nolte stand for?

Creating space is what you do with Nolte Mezzanine. Nolte assists customers in moving forward, not only by offering a mezzanine floor but also by looking at what the future holds. In this way, Nolte truly helps customers for the long term. Together with the customer, Nolte aims for the highest achievable result.

"We think along with our customers where other companies stop; that's what Nolte stands for."

Nolte Mezzanine is fully aligned from A to Z. Our departments work together to support customers throughout the entire process. The colleagues at Nolte Mezzanine are not just coworkers; they work together as a team to produce a product. This ensures customers of the highest quality at every step of the process.


Installing a mezzanine floor is much safer for employees than tall shelving units in a warehouse. With a fixed mezzanine warehouse floor, you don't take any risks. Furthermore, you can fully utilize all the space simultaneously.


The mezzanine floors from Nolte not only provide space and optimal convenience but also ensure that you can save on your expenses. This allows you to save quickly:

  • Up to 43% on lighting costs due to reflective materials;
  • Up to 11% on expenses by using the structure as a cable tray;
  • Up to 17% on potential damage costs by protecting lighting and sprinklers.


In practice, this means that when you purchase a standalone mezzanine floor, you won't be taking on significantly higher fixed costs. Therefore, having a larger surface area with a Nolte system floor doesn't translate to a higher bill.

Wat makes Nolte unique?

  • No-nonsense work mentality: simply delivering on promises and standing by your principles.
  • Experience with large (international) clients: the specialists are unfazed by any challenge.
  • Engaged: teamwork is central, ensuring quality in every aspect.
  • Personal: everyone is there for each other, including our customers. Together, we find the best solutions.

Nolte Mezzanine keeps innovating

Nolte Mezzanine operates in a world that is increasingly focused on developments in ecology, technology, and sustainability. Therefore, Nolte is constantly engaged in innovation and improvement of mezzanine floors. Nolte thinks beyond where others stop. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Nolte's floors are unique, sustainable, high-quality, innovative, and tailored to the unique needs of the customer. Nolte observes changes in the types of requests. While customers used to simply ask for a mezzanine floor, they now inquire about a floor that is custom-made. For example, in Germany, companies must account for a material safety factor of 1.1. In simple terms, this means that in the exact same mezzanine floor designed for Germany, there is 10% more steel incorporated compared to a floor intended for use in the Netherlands.

Nolte's specialty: hot-rolled profiles

Nolte Mezzanine doesn't only produce mezzanine floors based on cold-rolled profiles but also utilizes hot-rolled profiles to achieve higher load-bearing capacities and spans. Additionally, Nolte Mezzanine manufactures combinations of cold-rolled and hot-rolled profiles. This requires significant expertise and understanding of various types of steel and how to connect them. Fortunately, Nolte employs a large number of engineers who can effortlessly handle these combinations and calculations. This is why Nolte is also ready to perform structural calculations. Furthermore, Nolte manufactures the columns themselves, which serve as the "table legs" for the mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors subject columns to various loads, such as point and distributed loads. For this reason, it is highly advantageous that Nolte produces these columns in-house. This way, Nolte can ensure that the floor is safe and sturdy.


Installation by specialists

For more than 20 years, we have been a reliable supplier of high-quality and sustainable standalone mezzanine floors throughout Europe. Our experts have gained the knowledge and experience over the past years to provide the highest level of service. Are you currently facing space constraints in your business premises or warehouse? Or do you want to scale up in preparation for expansion? Then a mezzanine floor is the right solution. Create more floor space quickly, easily, and affordably, fully maximizing your space. Furthermore, you can take advantage of our installation service. Our product specialists will come to your location to install the system floor, ensuring optimal safety.

Turn to Nolte Mezzanine for the perfect mezzanine.

Are you looking for the right partner to install a mezzanine for your company? Then you've come to the right place at Nolte Mezzanine. Share your requirements with our specialists at +31 (0)229 - 304040 or email us at info@noltemezzanine.com. Alternatively, you can leave your details on our contact page. We will work together to create a customized mezzanine solution for you.