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Nolte Mezzanine: the specialist in the field of high-quality mezzanine floors of cold and hot-formed steel profiles

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We supply to the following sectors:


Our Mezzanine floors offer a cost-effective solution for maximizing your space. Technological developments make it possible to apply a far-reaching optimization of your available space.



There is also an increasing demand for the utilization of existing space within SMEs. In terms of cost control, this is a welcome addition, and a Nolte Mezzanine floor makes an important contribution to this.

rol systeem


Nolte Mezzanine flooring is also proving to be an excellent solution in production processes where things like conveyor belt systems, autostore and order picking environments are used. That is why our floors are custom made.



Why invest time and money in new branches when the floor area an existing branch can easily be expanded? Opt for a Mezzanine floor from Nolte! By combining your storage with office units, for example, you get an optimal return on your investment.


Clothing industry

Nolte Mezzanine has also found its way in the clothing industry. More and more suppliers of trolley systems are asking for a Nolte Mezzanine floor. Because these are specific customer-focused requests, Nolte Mezzanine knows how to make its contribution like no other.



The market for Self-Storage in Europe will continue to pick up. The designs of Self-Storage are often tactical and once built, it is difficult to make adjustments. Nolte ensures a good design and execution. For expert advice, you can contact one of our advisors.


Auto industry

Storing car tires is an entirely new issue within the automotive industry. Nolte Mezzanine has also responded to this by developing floors that contribute to the fast and reliable storage of car tires, which must also be accessible quickly when they are needed. The so-called exchange of summer and winter tires.

Auto opslag

Logistics solutions

The world of innovations never stops, the world is automating and your company cannot afford to stay behind. The development of innovative and efficient racking systems for logistics solutions is particularly important. Nolte Mezzanine is now contributing to the development and implementation of this at a European level.